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4 Types Of Windshield Damage You Cannot Afford To Ignore

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Windshield damage is never good. When left untreated, it can cause serious safety hazards for you, your passengers, and other people on the roads. In this post, we’ll go over the four main types of windshield damage you simply can’t afford to ignore. 

#1 Windshield Cracks

Our team treats cracked windshields frequently. Cracks first appear as a line in the vehicle’s windshield. Some cracks may appear like small, straight lines with a start and endpoint. They can also be longer and have several branches protruding from their main line. There are subcategories of windshield cracks as well, including:

  • Stress crack: These typically form without anything even hitting the windshield. Instead, these cracks are caused by large temperature fluctuations. 
  • Edge crack: A typical edge crack starts within two inches of the edge of the windshield, or extends out to it. These typically form very fast and are between 10 and 12 inches long. 
  • Floater cracks: A floater crack begins in the middle of the windshield more than two inches from the edge of the glass. These cracks can be of different lengths, including longer ones that extend across most of the windshield. Extreme temperatures can cause these types of cracks to worsen.
  • Crack chip: These are smaller cracks that have an impact point that’s less than a quarter in diameter. Generally, cracks that are less than three inches long can typically be repaired instead of needing a windshield replacement. But, every case is different, so it’s important to consult with an auto glass expert as soon as you notice a crack.

#2 Windshield Chips

Chips are often referred to as “dings” and usually are caused by a flying rock that projectiles into the glass, taking a piece of glass with it. For that reason, professionals also refer to chips as “stone breaks” or “pits.” If the chip doesn’t have longer cracks that extend from it, it’s less than an inch in diameter, and it didn’t penetrate all the way through the glass, a technician should be able to fill it in.

#3 Bullseye

Another type of windshield damage you should never ignore is the kind that results from the impact of an object, known as a “bullseye.” This is because the circular pattern it leaves behind looks like a bullseye on a dartboard. Bullseyes are similar to chips in that a piece of glass was removed on impact. But, they are typically much larger and not able to be repaired, and thus the windshield must be replaced. A partial bullseye can also appear, also known as a “half moon.” These cracks are similar in appearance to the bullseye, but they are not completely symmetrical. 

#4 Stars 

“Stars” is another common type of windshield damage. Stars are small chips that have multiple cracks that radiate out from the center, resembling a firework explosion. Smaller star patterns are usually able to be repaired, but once the area is filled in, it will remain slightly visible. Because of this, your vehicle’s value could decrease. So, keep that in mind if you are preparing to sell your vehicle, and you may want to opt for a new windshield. 

Bonus: Combination 

Sometimes, windshields will have multiple types of damage. This is referred to as a “combination” and is typically a bit more complicated to fix. In these instances, your windshield expert may recommend a windshield replacement.

To Repair or to Replace Your Windshield?

A trained auto glass specialist will inspect the damage on your windshield to determine whether a windshield repair is suitable or whether the windshield must be replaced. If repairs are possible, the technician will clean all of the dust and debris from the windshield, then start drilling to prepare the area. Once the surface is smooth, the specialist will inject a clear resin material into the opening, let it cure, and then polish it like new.

Your auto insurance policy may include coverage for repairs and replacements of windshields, so check with your agent to be sure.

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